Thursday, October 10, 2013

Marble Canyon to Phoenix, AZ

The evening and morning in Marble Canyon was very interesting.  After some discussion with the campers beside us, we found out that they had been waiting around all in hopes of still being able to launch their boats and start their 23 day trip on the Colorado River through the Grande Canyon.  Very frustrating as they had spent thousands of dollars on food, supplies, etc.  Taken time off of work, school, university and travel many miles to get to the launch point at Lee’s ferry, Marble Canyon, AZ.  We spent some time visiting with them and offered them some use of our facilities as they of course were limited.  Talked extensively with a couple of the gals.  A lot of they participants were tour group leaders for hiking, kayaking etc. and had brought some young people with them.


Beautiful morning light on Vermillion Cliffs


Jan, one of the boaters


All the boaters having breakfast


Breakfast finished and packed up, we are ready to hit the road!  The drive today should be easy and short.  Another beautiful, sunny day.  Not wind and good roads.  The road is still a 2 lane.  Leaving Marble Canyon we crossed the Colorado River.  Close to the point where the boaters launch.


Colorado River


Another view of the Vermillion Cliffs, the light has changed


Travelling on down the road


Roadside Merchants, just getting set up to sell their handmade jewellery, etc


Little Colorado River (completely dry)


More merchants setting up!



The painted Desert!



Just a few miles north of Flagstaff is the highest Pt. in Arizona, 12,633 ft.

Humphrey’s Peak on the right.


As we travelled south on Hwy 89 and the closer we got to Flagstaff, AZ, the landscape changed once again from desert to forest and higher elevations.  We did not drive right into Flagstaff (definitely looked like a mountain city) as the signs directed us to I-40 and then the off ramp to I-17.  Back to 4 lanes and movin’ along. There is a long stretch of this highway that is all down grade and they warn you as you drive along where the next down grade is, what percentage and how long.  Excellent highway!  More pretty sights to see and hard to get pictures of as we are driving.


The forest around Flagstaff!


View as we were coming down from the higher elevations

I didn’t take any pictures coming into Phoenix, another big city with huge overpasses, streets and vehicles.  What can I say!  Took the 101 Fwy around to Olive Ave, made a right, and another right on El Mirage Rd. and Voila, we arrived at Pueblo El Mirage.  Signed in, got our info and one of the nice security fellows directed Jim to where he should drive and park the RV.  By 3:30pm we were pretty well settled in and wasn’t long until we were enjoying the beautiful pool!



Of course, we had to have dinner etc., but all that took second place to the pool!  Have been waiting for this for months!   Love it!

After great travel and busy day we were ready to call it a night fairly early, lots to explore, see and do in the next few months!  Hope you enjoyed today’s entry!  Good night, amigos!

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  1. Nice that you have finally caught up blogging and are enjoying the pool there, have fun!