Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trying to catch up!!!!!!

Okay, so I haven't been very diligent with this.   That was not my intention when I started.  I know I'm not that committed so I guess that is the problem.   Committment, Ha Ha Ha.  Being committed is the big problem.  I don't remember when I posted before and am not sure it matters.  We are having a great time and have seen a lot of things in the last 2 months, met a lot of great people and have joined The Catalina Spa and RV Park in Desert Hot Springs, California.  I do want to catch up and fill in the blanks but will start tomorrow.  Right now, I am going to head up to the pool to see what Jim and the others are doing. While in Tillamook, we spent time with a nice couple from Sylvan Lake, Alberta.  Don and Sheila Williams.  They took us on a short road trip on Sunday and we saw a lighthouse and The Christmas store in Lincoln City.  That little store was jam packed with Christmas decorations.  Amazing!  Lots of different things.  We then went to the Casino for dinner with them.  
When we left Tillamook, we travelled all day basically until we got to Floras Lake which is a small lake just next to the sand dunes and then the beach to the ocean.
On the way we saw a lot of the ocean and stopped at a casino to eat breakfast.
We stayed over night at Floras Lake in the day picnic area.  The main campground was closed for the winter.  This is the lake that Jim wind surfed on over 20 years ago.
This man and his dog live only a few miles from Floras Lake.  The dog is a board collie and his master was training him to herd sheep.