Monday, September 30, 2013

Day three! Waiting in the office at Gilboy's Towing!

Well, Jim's repair was not enough so decided we had better drive to the truck repair shop and wait until morning so a mechanic can check things out. Would be worse for us to get further down the road and have more problems.
Parked by the Gilboy's Towing and Truck Repair and settled in for the night.  Went shopping at Walmart and rented a movie to keep us entertained for the evening.  "The Killing Season" starring John Travollta and Robert De Niro. Quite good but rather gruesome.  Not for young children. Very quiet where we parked and had a good rest once again. 

Up At 6:30 am and breakfast over at 7:45 waiting for the business to open so we can find out what they can do for us to repair the RV.
Had to drive into their big shop, very wet, raining hard. This is going to take awhile.
He has been working on the motor home for about 5 hours.  Hope it won't be long now. Got to make sure all is well before we leave. 

The weather has gotten better and the sun is shining!  
This office is very nice!  Lucky people to work here, they are also a AAA operator. 

With the weather turning colder and the rain etc. the guys here are getting a bit tense. I understand the pressure they are under.
To be continued................

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day Two On the Road to Butte, Montana


Arrived Helena last evening at 6:00 pm. Ate a tasting meal of chicken stew that had been cooking in the slow cooker all day, and then we found the Walmart to settle into for a quiet, comfortable sleep. There were several Albertans parked there along with us.
Sunday morning, up before the birds at 5:30 and on the road by 6:00 am.  We were almost to Boulder when the low air light and signal came on so pulled into the Exxon and Jim checked for leaks, etc and of course found one. Managed to do a temporary fix on it so we were able to travel to Butte where we will have more options for repairs, help etc.
On the road just past Boulder!  Sun is shining on the red stone.

In Butte, driving around to find a Auto Zone so Jim could buy tool that he needed, we found ourselves in Old Historic Butte. Very interesting old city.  By the appearance of the old buildings it must have been very prosperous in the Day. 
Lots of interesting places. Too bad the weather is rainy and windy, would have been fun to walk around and check some of the businesses etc. 
Old mining equipment all around the old city.

Looking down into the city in the valley.

           Another view as we drive down into the Main Street. 
It is now pouring rain and we are parked beside a 4B's Restaurant and Lucky Lil's Casino.
Jim has finally managed to get the air leak stopped and I believe we will carry on down the road even though it is raining and we were hoping to be through here buy now. Going to post this now.
Later..........when I have Wifi again.  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day1 Sept. 28, 2013

Officially this is day one of our travels for 2013/2014 season south of the border. Left Red Deer early, 6:30 am and are at this time, just a half hour north of the Coutts/Sweet Grass crossing into Montana from Alberta. After this, I will be 
shutting my Canadian phone off.
Southern Alberta is miles and miles of huge fields of crops or pasture and big beautiful blue skies. So stunning!  Oh, oh, loose chips on the road. Got another one on the front window. Rats!
Good thing this is not a long stretch!
Now we have to follow a pilot car. 
We are planning to go as far as Great Falls today and cross the pass at Butte tomorrow. 
Following the Pilot truck. 
Sure wish I could use my iPhone in the US. First time I have done any blogging from my phone. 
We will soon be turning onto Highway 4 that becomes I-15 in Montana. 
39 klm to the border. Going to post this now. Hope to keep this up. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!!
Big skies of Alberta!  Bye 4 now🚍