Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day1 Sept. 28, 2013

Officially this is day one of our travels for 2013/2014 season south of the border. Left Red Deer early, 6:30 am and are at this time, just a half hour north of the Coutts/Sweet Grass crossing into Montana from Alberta. After this, I will be 
shutting my Canadian phone off.
Southern Alberta is miles and miles of huge fields of crops or pasture and big beautiful blue skies. So stunning!  Oh, oh, loose chips on the road. Got another one on the front window. Rats!
Good thing this is not a long stretch!
Now we have to follow a pilot car. 
We are planning to go as far as Great Falls today and cross the pass at Butte tomorrow. 
Following the Pilot truck. 
Sure wish I could use my iPhone in the US. First time I have done any blogging from my phone. 
We will soon be turning onto Highway 4 that becomes I-15 in Montana. 
39 klm to the border. Going to post this now. Hope to keep this up. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!!
Big skies of Alberta!  Bye 4 now🚍

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  1. Travel safe and have too much fun.
    We use our I-phone in the states, but have Canada/US phone plan. turn off the data and use on wifi.
    Keep up with the Blog and maybe we find you again.