Monday, January 21, 2013

Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico Week 1

We arrived at La Parota RV Park, Lo de Marcos on Sunday, Dec. 29, 2012.  That was a great day!!!!  After travelling many miles and having a few incidents, we were very glad to get here.  It was about 4:30 in the afternoon when we finally arrived at the park. Juan Jose, the owner, was not sure he had spots for us but after some conversation and reminding him that we had called and talked on the phone about a month prior he worked out a plan so we would be in one location for a few days and then move to permanent sites when the Mexicans on holiday for Christmas and New Years left for home.  So began Week 1 in Lo de Marcos………

PC310004PC310007PC310008 P1010021P1010028P1010030P1010053PC310005PC310006  When we arrived, everyone was anxious to tell us all about the things to see and do in the park and the area.  Mostly Canadians and a few Americans staying in the park.  All very friendly and helpful.  I had gotten a message from my sister Rhonda saying that they were flying in to Puerto Vallarta on Monday, Jan. 7 for a vacation.  Planning to come to Lo de Marcos for 6 nights so one of our projects for the week was to go searching the village for a suitable place for them to stay.  It was fun to check all the hotels and little bungalows, etc. for rent.  Johanna’s sister and husband are also coming to stay so she and Rolf were interested as well in the available accommodations.  There appeared to be a plentiful supply.

Monday was New Year’s Eve so everyone encouraged us to come to the Appetizer Party in the Palappa above the Laundry and Bathrooms.  Later in a park 2 doors down there was a dance with the group “The Sons of the Beach” playing.  We love to dance so off we went.  Very enjoyable, excellent music and later fireworks on the beach. 

Tuesday, New Year’s day, was a relax and enjoy the beach day. Get together for a drink before dinner and to bed early.  Tomorrow is another busy day.

Wednesday, another day for checking out Lo de Marcos.  IMG_0001IMG_0002IMG_0006IMG_1846IMG_1848P1030024

Thursday was market day at La Penita, a larger town about 10 minutes from here.  Very interesting place and we did buy a few things.  I bought a blouse and a dress, Jim bought a shirt, and also purchased some fruit and veggies.


In the evening, we went to a movie at the park 2 doors down.  Fun and good movie “Frida”  Met a lovely mexican lady by the name of Angelina who is a wealth of information.  She lives close to downtown and Johanna’s sister and husband have rented an apartment from her.  She has 4 apartments plus their own living quarters in a very large gated Casa.  We were considering this for Ken and Rhonda but they decided they only needed a hotel room.

Friday, we decided that we needed to make a trip into Bucerias to the Mega Store for groceries and possibly some cash for our monthly rent. Need $7000. pesos to take care of that.

IMG_0010IMG_0011P1040053P1040054 We were pleased to find a Scotiabank by the Mega store as that means we can get cash from the ATM at no charge. Interesting to go shopping at the Mega as it is very much like The Canadian Superstore. You can find just about anything that you need. From there we checked out where the Walmart was and saw also the Sam’s Club. I checked at a Optometrists Office to see what prescription Sunglasses would cost me but I actually think I can purchase them in the US for just as reasonable. Maybe I will check at Walmart. My problem is that I have astigmatism so that always makes them more expensive. Great trip in to town and back. On our way home, we stopped at a market along the road and purchased a bonsay tree. Cute!


Saturday, a lovely day for walking on the beach and in the evening after supper we listened to a group playing and singing in one of the sites.  Rolf and Johanna were off to pick up their family at the airport in Puerto Vallarta.

Sunday, we were invited to a Birthday Party for a little girl in the park.  Jim had made friends with her at the New Year’s party and Mom had stopped by several times for a visit.  They were here for the Christmas bread to visit with the grandparents from Canada who are spending the winter here in La Parota.P1060016P1060019P1060023P1060025P1060028P1060031P1060036P1060037 Such cute kids!  The party was much like that at home.  Games, food, cake and gifts. 

I was getting excited to see my sister!!! Has been many months.  The end to week #1 in Lo de Marcos, Mexico!!!

More to come……………………………….