Sunday, February 3, 2013

Los de Marcos, MX Week 3 & 4

Jan. 13, 2013

This week started out with a trip into Puerto Vallarta to deliver Ken and Rhonda to his sister Patti’s condo and we decided to stay overnight so we could explore PV a bit.  When we got into the city the four of us walked along the Malecon and explored old town.  In the process we found a hotel room for Jim and I.  It was not fancy but clean and a king sized bed.  It was the type of room that you could actually live in for a month or two if you chose.  Had a kitchenette, etc.  For us, approx. $35.00 for the night.  Only problem, it was on a very busy corner and traffic most of the night.  Oh well, we are adapting to many different noises.  IMG_0419  What do you think?  Doesn’t look bad does it?

I really enjoyed exploring Old Town PV.  Very interesting city!  So much to see and do.

IMG_1928P1130010 These guys were waiting for the crowd to grow before doing their stunt!  Looking for many pesos!


Sand sculptures and mimes on the beach!


Performing stage on the Malecon, lunch on the beach and people watching.  So enjoyable.

The afternoon went very quickly and soon we were on our way up the mountain to Patti’s place overlooking Puerto Vallarta.  What an amazing place to live, the view is spectacular!  The condo is lovely as well!  A wonderful evening meeting new and interesting folks.

P1130049P1130061 Their balcony view!

IMG_1938IMG_1940P1130055 They have a dipping pool on their balcony and the big pool down below!  Wonderful!

After a great evening and not bad sleep in the hotel, we met Ken and Rhonda at a restaurant for Breakfast.

IMG_1944 The food here is superb, as is the service.  Very enjoyable!

We then did some shopping and more exploring of the area.  Said Adios around 2:00 pm as we wanted to stop at the Mega Store on the way back home.  It was a very satisfying trip, and we were glad to be back at the RV.  Will be in touch before they leave for home on Jan. 24th

The week moved ahead with day to day activities like buying veggies from Ricardo, as he drives through the RV Park.

P1150079  P1150077P1150078  Jim helped Roberto do some gardening by our motorhome.

There were special plans for Thursday to go up into the hills north and east of Lo de Marcos to some mineral pools.  We all packed some lunch to share and headed out early in the morning.


Took us about 2 hours of driving on steep, narrow, winding rough roads.  Through a couple of very small villages and finally to the pools.


We actually drove through La Cucaracha!  LOL!


The place is very relaxing and almost serene.  Looked after by the local Mexicans.  Don’t expect much for bathrooms (banos) but the pools are very clean and the mineral waters feel superb.  After an delicious meal shared by many and some visiting it was time to head back.  We followed one group out a different road and had another great experience.


A couple from Colorado came with us.  We stopped at a village and they bought beer and then as we were passing by a restaurant and pool, decided to stop and see if we could use there bathrooms.  It appeared to be a recreation area for the locals with a couple of pools etc.

Only one event put a damper on our lovely day and that was as we were heading back up Highway 200, we happened upon an accident scene.  Didn’t look good for the folks in the SUV.IMG_1998

Next few days were spent enjoying the area.  Jim found shells, etc. on the beach, thus a mobile.IMG_2003IMG_2004

Went for more walks on the beach and into town, checking out the area.  I made an appointment to get my hair coloured and trimmed at Yanette’s.  Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

IMG_2010IMG_2011IMG_2012IMG_2014  A walking tour of Lo de Marcos.

P1210023 P1210024P1210026P1210028 

Next day was a lovely time spent on the beach, watching people and dogs have a great time!

P1210029P1210033P1210049P1210066P1210077P1210081 Later in the day Jim took me across town so I could see the Lo de Marcos International Airport.  LOL!!

P1210084P1210087P1210088 And dinner out at Tlaquepaque Resort.

P1210090 Great Food!

We are now into week 4 and are thinking of going into Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday to say Goodbye to my sister Rhonda and her husband Ken.