Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lo de Marcos Home and Garden Tour

Friday, Jan 25, was decision day for us.  Jim had been looking around at different RV Parks and Sites for the month of February.  La Parota RV Park has mucho grass that tracks onto the patio and into the motorhome constantly.  Makes for cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  Do not like it.  Also a few other things that we are not that happy with so as luck would have it he found a nice site in the next park over, Cruz Maria.  I went with him and we talked to a couple of people and the manager.  I guess we are moving on Monday.  In the mean time we will be taking in the Home and Garden Tour.  A tour of houses owned by Americans and Canadians that live here either 6 months or fulltime.  This should be fun.P1260001P1260003 Chandelier and view of the water from the first house.  Beautiful!!! They have 2 bedrooms that they rent out. P1260007P1260008IMG_2042IMG_2044 Kitchen, patio, barbeque and outdoor bathroom sink at second house!  Loved the kitchen in this place.  It was an up and down duplex.  Mom and Dad have the main floor and son has the upper which he rents out most of the winter.

P1260009P1260011P1260013 House # 3 was only about 400 sq ft. in size, had a beautiful terraced garden and the rooftop is for guest sleeping.  Mainly their son.

P1260017P1260019 House #4 built by an artist and her architect husband.  Wonderful house and two Casitas for family when they visit.  The owner’s will rent them short term when family is not around.

To get to #’s 5, 6, & 7 we had to catch a ride in a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Ours was in the back of a truck!  Actually turned out to be the best ride as we had fresh air.  Very hot going through the river and up the hills on dry, dusty roads.P1260023 We were pleasantly surprised when we got to #5.  Sweet little 800 sq. ft. Casa with outdoor bathroom and dipping pool at the end of the Palapa covered patio.IMG_2047IMG_2048IMG_2049IMG_2050P1260027P1260028P1260029P1260032P1260035 They have solar power and the rooftop also has a outdoor bathroom and tent set up for guests.  So cute and comfy!

IMG_2052IMG_2053IMG_2054IMG_2056IMG_2057IMG_2060IMG_2061 This couple farm the land and live here most of the year.  Only leave in the rainy season as it is impossible to commute to town down the dirt roads that time. This was my size of Casa!

#6 was another wonderful surprise.  Amazing construction, built with curved walls.  The Casa is for sale and rented out at the moment.  The kitchen, living room and master bedroom all have fantastic views of the ocean through amazing windows.  A lot of the furniture was constructed especially for the house and was beautifully made out of ironwood.

P1260037P1260040P1260044P1260046P1260047P1260050P1260051 IMG_2063IMG_2064IMG_2065IMG_2067IMG_2066

House # 7!

Wow!  What a view!  This one is owned by a couple from Alaska and is about 5 years old.  Way up on the hill overlooking Lo de Marcos.IMG_2070IMG_2072IMG_2075P1260052P1260055P1260057P1260060 This couple also live here most of the time, leaving to visit family, etc. when it is too hot and rainy.  Well, by the time we got back down the hill, we were ready for a cool one and a bit of down time.

We invited our neighbours to come with us to the Beach restaurant for dinner.

P1260071P1260072P1260073P1260077P1260078 The meal was great.  Two large mahi, mahi fish and the usual rice, salad and tortillas.  The view and company completed the scenario!  Thanks for taking the time to view this entry.



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