Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lo de Marcos, MX Week 2

I can’t believe I didn’t post this before.  Anyway, here it is.  Week 2.

Monday morning we were up early to get ready for our trip into Puerto Vallarta to the airport.  A beautiful, sunny day and so glad as this is what Ken and Rhonda are looking forward to.  Coming from the west coast of Canada where at this time of year it can be very dreary.  On our way in we stopped at our favourite Scotiabank for more pesos.  We haven’t had to buy a lot of groceries at the Mega as I came well prepared and still have meat in our freezer.  We unfortunately missed the proper turn for the parking at the airport so had to turn around and then again missed the off ramp so ended up parking on the lateral road by a Mexican Taco Pub.  It was just across the main highway from the airport and there was an overhead walkway so easy to access.  We were about an hour early so Jim had a beer at the pub and then we walked across to the terminal to wait for their arrival.  They were a bit early so soon we were on our way back to Lo de Marcos.  Stopped again at the bank so Ken could get more pesos. 

Our first stop when we got back to Lo de Marcos was at the Tlaquepaque Resort so they could look at rooms and get prices, then we checked out a few other places so they knew what their options were regarding places to stay.  Rhonda made the final choice and they booked into the resort in a regular hotel style room.  Clean and just what they needed for the 6 nights.  $280.00 US for the week.  Not bad considering there are 2 pools and a restaurant.  Our first meal together was at Arcelias ”Palapa” Restaurant.P1070043P1070044P1070046P1070047 Delicious food and great atmosphere.  Rhonda and I had Mahi, Mahi with rice and a salad.  The guys had a stuffed veggie and Tortilla soup.  A short visit at the RV and then to bed.  Big day tomorrow.  Going on a trip to Sayulita, surfing village down the road.

IMG_1863IMG_1864IMG_1865IMG_1866IMG_1867IMG_1869IMG_1870IMG_1876 When we arrived at Sayulita we were hungry so lunch was first on our list.  Cute little three storey restaurant and delicious food.  There is no shortage of places to eat, prices are reasonable and we love it.

Now, let’s check this beach out!!!P1090018 Beautiful beach with lots of big waves for the surfers. P1090019P1090020 Spent the afternoon checking out the beach and the shopping.  Nice place to go and enjoy the sun!!  Lots of sun bathers as well.P1090007P1090012P1090013 By the time we finished walking about and got back to the RV it was time to rest up and get cooking supper.  We ate at the RV and then went to a Birthday Party for the Yoga gal, Gail, at their site next to the beach.  Good music and food to share.P1080001P1080004P1080005P1080011 That was Tuesday.

On Wednesday we had a quieter day and Jim set things up so we could have a movie outside.  Pretty good turn out but the movie was crap.  A guy in the park had loaned it to us. 

Thursday, off to La Penita to the street market. The day started out interesting with Jim taking us on a road trip through the hills and fields of corn, pineapple, watermelon, etc.  The day turned into a complete adventure.

P1100002P1100003P1100004P1100005P1100019P1100023P1100024P1100025P1100026P1100031P1100032 The country roads are all dirt, narrow, winding, rough, full of potholes and the scenery is so beautiful!

When we got to La Penita, we had breakfast in a restaurant on main street!  Excellent omelettes, Mexican style. 

P1100040P1100041 Breakfast entertainment. Jim took a hat collection for the band.

Off to the market and check the beach.IMG_1880P1100043P1100045 Street repairs on the way to the beach.  All the beaches along this coast are very beautiful!!P1100046P1100047P1100056P1100057  On our way home we drove into the village of Rincon Guayabitas to see if Ken could locate the home of a lady they know of.  No luck but was fun seeing another village and beach.P1100058P1100061  Whew, another busy day.  Home to dinner at the RV.P1100062 Visiting and close of another day.

Friday, a much needed beach day!  We have been too busy to enjoy all we have here.IMG_1885P1110006P1110013P1110014P1110015P1110017P1110018

Rhonda and I met on the beach for a sister day, lunch and walk on the beach, meeting up with the guys later for some relaxation.  Made plans for Saturday to pick them up and go on another Tour of the countryside and villages.IMG_1888IMG_1890IMG_1891

Breakfast at Clarita’s, cute little outdoor restaurant in downtown Lo de Marcos.  Only open Friday to Sunday, and very good food.  IMG_1892IMG_1893IMG_1894IMG_1895 First stop, El Monteon, a village that Jim and the bike group go through. P1120028P1120029P1120030P1120031P1120032P1120033P1120034P1120035P1120036P1120037P1120039 Little store at the end of the village on the road that goes to the brick factory.  The bricks are used to build the local houses and patios, driveways etc.  All made by hand.



From there, the workers directed us to a beautiful beach that is on a Turtle Preservation site.  We were allowed to go on the beach but not into the forest.

P1120046P1120048P1120060P1120061P1120063 We loved this beautiful big beach with no one on it.  There were a few houses on the hill over looking the water and endless sand.IMG_1909 Apparently, this one is owned by some rich American.  The second one appeared to be like a duplex.  Probably, rental units.  IMG_1912

Once we had our beach fix, we were on the road again, back through El Monteon and through the fields to the highway and home.


P1120072 Unique fence, with tree stump as a fence post!P1120073P1120074 Another interesting side road.  Oh, and maybe another little village to see just before heading home.


Time to head home and get ready for the dinner and entertainment at the resort where Ken and Rhonda were staying.  The end of a perfect day and a wonderful week spent touring with family.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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