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Puerto Vallarta Trip 2

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013


Up early and on the road by 8:00 am.  Want to meet Ken and Rhonda for breakfast in the dining room at the Los Arcos Resort, Old Town PV.  This should be another fun day.  The drive in was uneventful and easy.  Very little traffic but always get behind at least one big vehicle that makes for slow going.  This time we took Highway 200 around Old PV, through the new tunnel and right downtown to where the hotel is located.  Interesting going that way and was very easy to get where we wanted.  Glad we were not driving the motorhome as this would be very tight driving.  They do it with the big passenger buses so it is doable. We arrived at the hotel and found a parking spot.  Ken and Rhonda were already in the dining room having coffee and fresh orange juice.  We talked to reception and were thinking of purchasing a pass for the day but found out that it wasn’t much more expensive to pay for one full day and night all inclusive so decided “why not”.  That way we could stay for dinner, drinks and entertainment.  After breakfast decided to go shopping for an hour or so.  Rhonda had a few things to pick up for grandkids, etc.IMG_2020IMG_2022 Shopping done and lunch over we hit the pool on the roof for some soaking and relaxation.P1230014P1230015P1230019It was absolutely perfect up there away from all the noise and people.IMG_2024IMG_2025 Views from the pool!!!

Decided it was time to go back to our rooms and recoup for the evening meal and entertainment.P1230029P1230032 

P1230009P1230012 Pools and views from our room in Los Arcos Resort!P1230023P1230025P1230026 Folks enjoying the beach just next to the resort.

P1230033P1230034P1230035P1230045 Resident Iguana and many doves.  They actually feed the Iguana at the resort so of course he sticks around.P1230027 A tourist couple practicing their tango moves on the dance floor in the dining room.

P1230048P1230053 She really wanted us to buy some roses!!!  We were sitting at the dining table in the corner and next to the beach. 

P1230059P1230065P1230070P1230073P1230074P1230077P1230083 After dinner walk on the beach.  Jim and I had gone down at around 10:30 for a soak in the hot tub but wouldn’t you know, they close it at 10:00. Buenas noches!

In our room, we found that the balcony door was not secure, the lock was on the outside so had to figure out a way to make it a bit secure.  This is Mexico!

Up and ready for breakfast by 8:00 am.  The servers in the dining room are great.  They recognize everyone and know who you are with and if you want orange juice and coffee to start.  It is almost on the table before you get there.  IMG_2031IMG_2032IMG_2033IMG_2034 Views of the streets of PV from our floor in the resort.


People watching and ocean viewing will eating our breakfast.  After breakfast will do a bit more shopping before we leave.

IMG_2041P1240102P1240103 One or two last minute photos. Walked back to the resort and gave hugs and goodbyes.  Adios for now little Sister!  See you in Canada.  Ken’s sister was picking them up and driving them to the airport and we had to do a bit of shopping before heading back to Lo de Marcos.  Love PV but very happy to be done with the busy city for now.  When we got back to the RV after dinner Jim took me to the little beach south of here.  He had been there before on his bike.P1240123P1240138

P1240112P1240105P1240110P1240119 Pretty beach and lovely sunset.  We talked to a local and he told us that they will be opening a restaurant on the beach on Saturday.  We will be back!  Nice end to our trip into PV and saying goodbye to family!!!!!

















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