Sunday, November 7, 2010

Motoring down the road

We left Barrhead on Tuesday Oct. 14 and headed west.  Stopped in Edson to wash clothes and do some banking etc.  A quick stop in Hinton for fuel and Jasper to go for a walk on main street.  Headed out again and ended up at Valemount, BC.  Spent the night there in the parking lot of a large motor inn.  Left early in the morning and headed toward Kamlopps where we stopped off the highway for lunch.  Decided to go to Scotch Creek to the campsite there where Barry and Anne have their park model.  We had heard that the salmon run was fantastic so felt we should not miss it.

Parked in the RV park 2 nites, took in the salmon run and went for a nice long walk with Barry's neighbors, Joe and Wilma. Friday morning we left Scotch Creek and headed back to Kamlopps and down Highway 5 towards Hope and ultimately Abbotsford. 

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