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Spring/Summer 2011

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This is a summary of the spring/summer months.  We arrived back in BC, Canada on April 12th, 2011.  Spent a month in Victoria visiting with Mom and stepfather David, and friends while we waited until the snow was gone and weather warmed up in Alberta.  It was a busy summer, with all the visiting and doing the business that was necessary.  The first major item was moving all of my things from the basement of my former home into a storage container and then my son Daryl came with his flatdeck tow truck and hauled it to their acreage.  The highlights for each of us was being able to spend time with our families.  Specifically, our grandchildren. this!   Great move!

Jim teaching his grandsons to play pool.

We did a major move from the 1999 Monaco Diplomat to a 1998 Monaco Windsor.  Are enjoying the Windsor so much.  It is definitely our home "for now".  Along with the move, we participated in several other highlights.  The Ponoka Stampede.
                                             Enjoying the rodeo!!           
Another highlight was camping with my sister Gail and brother-in-law Ross at Drumheller the end of August.
                             Miniature Church at Drumheller, Alberta
It was fun seeing our friends in Camrose, Ponoka and Edmonton.  Great times at my son Daryl's and Jim's son Aaron's.  Too many special moments to share in this space. 
I spent a wonderful day with my two youngest grandsons to celebrate their birthdays before I left for British Columbia and a short tour of that great province before we travelled to Victoria.  The trip through BC was interesting but stressful at the same time because I had gotten news that my Mom was in the hospital.  She had not been feeling well for some time. 
One highlight of our BC trip was staying in the Radium Valley Vacation Resort at Radium Hot Springs.  Lovely place.  We went on a hike in the mountains and on our way south from there unhooked the car and drove up a logging road to some natural hot springs.

Just south of Osoyoos, across the US border we met this couple in the campground there.  They had this unit custom made in Germany and shipped over so they could tour North America.  Very interesting and lovely folks.  While in BC we visited some friends and family and thoroughly enjoyed their company.  Went to a small winery in Kelowna called the Beaumont Winery.  Family of a friend.   

We went for a wonderful bike ride over the Kettle Valley Train Trestles.  Definitely something to do if you are a bike rider.  They are located just south east of Kelowna, BC.
I was a bit nervous at first but that is because I am not good with heights but nothing to worry about.  We also toured a resort east of Vernon in the hills.  Beautiful place decorated with millions of crystals.  I think it is call the Crystal Palace.
After a couple of nights at the Holiday Park Resort, we decided to head for Victoria.  Mom was still in the hospital and I just needed and wanted to be there.  
There is so much to see everywhere, so if you are travelling and can take your time, do so.  It is worthwhile.
We definitely have to go back to BC in the future and spend more time.
Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  More later.  Cheers!

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