Thursday, September 6, 2012

August Roadtrip/Eastern Canada

Museum in Saskatoon
We have been on the road now since August 6th when we left my son Daryl's home at Vegreville. The first day we travelled to North Battleford, Sask. Stopped at the Casino there and got our coupons for food, etc. We each got a total of $25.00 in cash. I played $5.00 and gained $7.00. Bonus. Spent the night with many other campers at the Walmart. Next day stopped at Saskatoon to view the Museum (well worth the stop) and on to Watrous, to the Mineral Springs on Manitou Beach, Little Manitou Lake. Another lovely spot. Went to the Toonie Tues Dance at the famous Danceland and in the mineral pools at the hotel. Sooo glad we stopped. The water is so like the ocean that you can not sink. You float without trying. Wednesday, August 8th, we decided to take the highway south of Watrous and then across on Highway 52. Our advice, don't do it, Jim said, the # of the highway is the number of potholes in a 100 ft stretch. LOL. We finally got to our destination for the night. Friends from Manitoba had told us that there is a small campground in the town of Russell on Highway 16. There was even power and all they ask is a donation and keep the campground clean. We did a walk around town and took pictures of their main street of Arches.
Thursday, headed to Shilo, Manitoba to visit Sam and Linda, friends from California. They live in Shilo which is near Brandon. We spent a lovely 3 days, 4 nights with them and took off for Morden (south and east) to visit Jim's friends, Les and Celine. After a great lunch and visit we headed to Steinbach to visit more friends. Mary has the Rockylaine Bed and Breakfast. A small acreage west of Steinbach. We parked there and visited for 2 days and 3 nights. Also visited with Dave and Sharon Dickey one evening.  Thursday morning, August 23, we packed up again and were on our way to Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg. Now that is a place to visit and stay a few days or longer if one likes to camp.  Beautiful campground and lovely beach.  Even the water is quite clean for a prairie lake.
Walking the waters at Grand Beach!
Saturday, August 25, we did some laundry and had showers etc. and were on the road again at 10:00 am.  We took some side roads and followed a river down the eastern side of Manitoba, through the Whiteshell Provincial Park which takes you into West Hawk Lake and onto highway 17 which is the TransCanada.  The highway immediately got better when we crossed the border into Ontario and generally speaking have been great all the way to southern Ontario.  We spent out first night in Dryden, ON at the Walmart.  Met a nice couple from Naniamo, BC and wouldn't you know, they know people that we met in California last winter.  Shared a few stories and called it a night.  Up early and on the road by 6:30 am.  Want to make a mile. Arrived at Thunder Bay at around 11:30 and just in time for pork ribs. The city was having its Rib Fest and so we decided to partake. Yummy!!!!!! We also checked out the Casino which was just across the street and a walk to view the Harbor. In the motorhome and on our way again.  Our second night in Ontario, we spent at a small town called Nipigon.  Just had to drive in and see the smallest Canadian Tire Store in Canada and talk to the locals.  Were told that the marina in town had places to camp for the night.  Beautiful.  Even met the mayor during our walk around the marina. 

The motorhome is almost bigger than the store!
Nipigon Marina!
Most days, when we are travelling, we prefer to be up early and on the road by 6:30-7:00am. unless there are things we are going to see in the area. We had seen all we wanted in Nipigon.  As were travelling along Lake Superior, we saw a white sandy beach, Jim quickly made the decision to pull in.  Very tight parking lot and we had to unhook the car so we could get back out.  Kathrine Cove is so sweet and we actually were able to go in the water.  Warm and clean!  

Kathrine Cove on Lake Superior
I noticed that the whole eastern coast of Lake Superior had beach after beach.  After fueling up at Sault Ste.-Marie we continued on to Bruce Mines.  This is another cute little Marina, right off the Highway.  We stopped thinking we would have supper at "The Bobbers" a fish and chips restaurant and stayed the whole night.  Had live entertainment at an open air gazebo/seating.  Very talented young man.

After a huge fish and chips meal and entertainment we were ready to hit the pillow early, morning comes quickly.
Tuesday, August 25, early on the road again and after some debate as to whether or not take the ferry on to Manitoulin Island or drive past Sudbury we decided to go  the highway.  It was a long drive but decided it was worth it as we eventually ended up at the base of the Georgian Bay at Victoria Harbor.  At one point we pulled off the highway thinking we were going to have lunch at a nice picnic spot.  The picnic area was there but no parking for big Rigs.   
 Bus parking instead of Picnic Area
Oh, well,  let's eat and get going!  Once again, had to unhook the car to turn aroung.  LOL!  It was only another short drive and we were at Victoria Harbor where we settled in for the night at the Foodland parking lot.  Nice owner, said it was fine and we were just a short distance from the water and a marina again. After we settled in, got some groceries, Jim got our bikes out and we went for a long bike ride on the trail right next to our RV.  Finished the day with a nice dinner and watched the sun go down over the water.  It was a bit cool and windy so didn't linger long. 

Sunset over Victoria Harbor on the Georgian Bay
Nice ending to a busy day.  Night, Night!

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