Tuesday, September 4, 2012

November/December 2011

November 1,2011 we crossed the border at Sydney, BC to Anacortes, Washington to begin our winter in the US.  We were lucky to be traveling with Bob and Diane.  
This was a very difficult day for me as I had just said goodbye to my Mom at the hospital knowing that it was probably the last time I would talk to or see her.

Jim had to back on to the ferry because they told him he might have to drive off at Friday Island.  We didn't have a reservation and there were a lot of snowbirds loading. Yep, he had to drive off, quickly get in the line up again and drive back on.  It worked fine and we were off again to finish the trip.  Very lovely crossing and no hassle crossing the border.
Drove to and camped at Angel of the Winds Casino the first night then drove to Seven Feathers Casino and overnight again.  Were a bit concerned about the weather but everything turned out fine.
We were following Bob over the pass and this looks bad but wasn't for very long and everything cleared up.
Once we were California the roads were clear and dry.  We stopped at a roadside area and when Jim went to start the RV, it wouldn't go.  He had to use a bungee cord and loop it around the celanoid(sp?)  He did this the rest of the trip to Catalina Spa.  Interesting way to start and stop the Bus.  It was a wiring problem that was probably there from factory.  He was able to fix it.

Next overnight was in central California at a parking lot next to a Target.  By this time Jim and Bob were not feeling very well and getting anxious to get to our destination.  One more overnight at Barstow just outside of the Walmart parking lot.  The lot there is not large enough for overnight parking.  Saturday morning we were on the road to Catalina, about 2 hours away. We arrived around noon and got set up as quickly as possible.  Lying low as the guys were  so sick.  So happy  and relieved to be at Catalina.
Monday morning, Nov. 7, 2011, I woke up with a funny feeling in my side, checking I found welts and very tender.  Checked on line and Yep, shingles.  I guess due to all the stress of the last 2 months. I enquired from a couple of people where I should go, so Jim, Di and I headed into Palm Springs to Emerg.  They were very helpful there and it wasn't long until I was carrying a prescription out the door.  Our insurance covered the visit to emerg and the meds I paid for myself.  Needless to say, I spent the next 2-3 weeks resting and taking my meds.  Checked in with my sister each day to find out how Mom and the rest were doing.
November 18, one of the saddest days of my life, Mom went home to be with her Lord.  Next day, I was on a plane heading to Victoria to help wind things up and attend the Memorial Service.  Jim stayed with the coach. 
A week later, I was once again flying, back to Palm Springs.  Still recovering from everything but my shingles did not reacurr.
So good to see the mountains and the wind
Turbines in the Coachella Valley.
We spent the rest of November enjoying just being in the Valley at Catalina Spa.  The first weekend in December, we decided to make a trip to San Diego to spend a couple of days with Judy, Jim's sister and her friends.  We had a great time and love it there.  Want to return in the future.
December went by quickly and we enjoyed Christmas and New Years with our friends, Bob,and Diane, Gail,and Gary, Gill, and Norm, George and Suzie, Lucille and Alan, and many more.
Jan. 2012, we had a trip to Kingman and Quartzite planned and so did a bit of touring around during that time.  Back at Catalina for the rest of the season.  Visiting and spending time with a number of people. We had company from Canada(very special times) with all of you. Enjoyed every moment.  I have decided that I need to get on with the up to date posts so as much as I would like to record all we did, saw, etc. I am going to leave this post as is and carry on.  Thanks for reading! 

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